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Yiwu Zhuyuan Paper Products Co., Ltd. we manufacture and sell a wide variety of high quality paper bags for different business or promotional events. Our bespoke printed paper carrier bags can be custom made to specific sizes and shapes, including but not limited to twisted handle bag, craft paper bag ,flat counter paper bags, satchel bags,wine bags and bottle bags.You can also choose from a variety of card stock, print finishes and handle types.

The paper material we used are recyclable and sourced from sustainable resources with FSC certification. The well established production lines consist of the most advanced machines in full set to ensure better quality and higher efficiency. Especially, our in-line machine, the auto paper bag making machine offers us a real edge on larger run orders. With machine made bags, our daily output could amount to 80,000pcs per day. 

If you are looking to advertise or promote your brand, then personalized paper bags could be the perfect solution. Call us now for a quote or for more information and you are sure to find retail bags to suit your budget.

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