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Kraft paper bag manufacturing method

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Kraft paper bags are favored by everyone because of their environmentally friendly characteristics. Especially in European countries, almost all of them use kraft paper bags. There are several ways to make kraft paper bags.

1, small white kraft paper bags, generally the number of such bags is large, a wide range of uses, because many merchants require this kraft paper bag is cheap and durable, usually this kraft paper bag is machine-formed, the machine is tied with rope, completely Machine operated.

2, the practice of medium-sized kraft paper bags, usually, medium-sized kraft paper bags are kraft paper bags made by hand-applied after the machine is attached to the synthetic type, because the current domestic kraft paper bag forming equipment is limited by the molding size, and kraft paper The bag-lined machine can only be attached to the rope of a small tote bag, so the practice of the kraft paper bag is limited by the machine. Many bags have no way to make the machine stand alone.

3, large bags, kraft paper bags with reverse heads, thick yellow kraft paper bags, the practice of these kraft paper bags should be hand-built. At present, there is no machine that can solve these kraft paper bags in China, which can only be hand-made. Kraft-like paper bags are costly to produce and will not be large.

4, no matter which kind of kraft paper bag above, if the quantity is not big enough, it is generally hand-made, because the machine made kraft paper bag loss, there is no way to solve the small amount of kraft paper bag.

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